Discovery Flight

The sky is calling--and it's for you! If you've ever dreamed about true freedom,
you'll find becoming a pilot a dream-come-true. Flying removes boundaries;
extends horizons. It brings you closer to the ones you love, and the places you
love to be. Most important, being a pilot is a great adventure and like anything
truly worthwhile, it is a journey

Your first flight at Privilege Aero will be approximately one half hour.
Our instructors will allow you to take the controls and tour the area.
The introduction is the first step for you to become a Pilot...

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See our
Flight Training section for details and flying videos/pictures.
Call 732-803-2449 to take your first step today.
Learning to fly is an investment that can improve your
life! - personally and professionally.
FAA part 141 Certified
Privilege Aero LLC
This school is authorized under Federal
law to enroll
nonimmigrant alien